Top 5 Highest Lottery Jackpot in US History

The Powerball jackpot for January 09, 2016’s drawing is up to $900 million. While that’s the largest U.S. lottery jackpot ever, lotteries elsewhere in the world can be far bigger. Spain’s massively popular Christmas lottery, known as “El Gordo,” is ranked as the world’s richest and last month showered 2.2 billion euros ($2.4 billion) across the country in millions of prizes. unnamed

As for the U.S., here’s a look at the 5 previous highest jackpots and where the winners were from:

1. $656.0 million, Mega Millions, March 30, 2012 (3 tickets from Kansas, Illinois and Maryland)

2. $636 million, Mega Millions Dec 17, 2013, (2 tickets, from California and Georgia)

3. $590.5 million, Powerball, May 18, 2013 (1 ticket from Florida)

4. $587.5 million, Powerball, Nov. 28, 2012 (2 tickets from Arizona and Missouri)

5. $564.1 million, Powerball, Feb 11, 2015 – (3 tickets, from North Carolina, Puerto Rico and Texas)

And now, we can now bump the #1 from the list. The powerball jackpot for January 2016 is sure to be the highest ever jackpot in US Lottery History. Good luck everyone!


Make your Holiday a Happy Holiday

Every year, people around the world, including United States, celebrate the holiday. Christians celebrate Merry Christmas while Jews have Hannukah.

Holiday is the time of the year where people should feel extra happy with and feel blessed. But ofcourse, not everyone feels happy around this time of the year. It could be some personal reasons like a loss of a family member or property. It could be some unlucky circumstances that you cannot control. There are wars in some part of the world. Unnecessary shootings, bombings and all other reasons that people wished just didn’t happened. In fact, it is evident, that most people are living in fear from these sad unfortunate incidents.Sweet-puppy-with-bunny-puppies-14749075-1600-1200

It is the holiday, anyways. Let us all try to be happy. Cheer up and give thanks to all the blessings that we have received and pray for more blessings to come.

There are several ways you can make your holiday a happy holiday. My favorite is making others happy by giving them something that will make them feel special. These things doesn’t have to be expensive but since they don’t expect anything, it becomes special. They will surely appreciate those little surprises. A holiday gift basket will surely be appreciated since it contains several items

Another way to make your holiday happy is to get surrounded by people that you love and care about. Just hanging out with them and enjoying a nice chat will make your holiday extra special.

Wherever you are, whenever it is, just always remember to be happy.


Giving is a Gift

Whether it’s the holidays, a birthday, an anniversary, or a retirement, there is often a reason to bring the tradition of gift giving into the office. With these special occasions also comes a slew of concerns. Employees or employers may find that they ask themselves questions concerning the nature of the gift, the message it may send, or what is a reasonable amount to send. While every office is different, asking your self these questions before purchasing a redbox movie gift basket will help to ensure your gift is appropriate.

  1. Does your office have a gift giving policy? – Many offices have established a policy informing employees how they should handle gift giving. Reading up on your employee handbook or speaking to the Human Resources department in your office is a good way to find out if gift giving is accepted and if it is, what guidelines the company follows. Rules can be as strict as outlawing gift giving all together or they can simply set precautionary rules about what and how gifts can be given.


    Christmas in Africa.

  2. Is your gift appropriate for the office? – It’s not unusual to form bonds with your co workers, but when giving gifts, you will want to steer clear ones that may be to personal and inappropriate. For example, while you and a coworker may feel a particular gag gift is very amusing, you run the risk of insulting the recipient or making other individuals in the office uncomfortable. If you find that your gift prompts you to ask “Is this out of line,” consider searching for something a little less taboo. A good thing to do is to know what their hobbies might be. If they like hunting or paintball, you can give them ghillie suits that they can use for outdoor activities.
  3. Will your gift violate any dietary, spiritual, or personal rules the recipient must follow? – While everyone enjoys a basket full of gourmet goodies, not everyone can indulge in the gift. If your boss is on a special diet, the last thing you want to do is give a gift that they can’t enjoy. The same is true when giving corporate gift baskets they will truly enjoy. Unless you’re positive your co-worker is a die-hard red wine lover, steer clear of alcoholic gifts. Therefore when giving gifts that consist of food or beverages make it a point to take any diet, heath, religious, or personal restrictions into consideration
  4. Can your gift be construed as a bribe or attempt to further your position with the company? – When giving gifts to senior staff members it’s important to keep in mind that it is possible your gift can be seen as a bribe. It is suggested that if you are close to a promotion or if there is a possibility of advancement in your near future, that you steer clear of giving elaborate or unnecessary gifts. Unfortunately, even with the best of intentions you run the risk appearing as though you are “buying your way to the top.”
  5. How much should I spend? – Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to set a price limit for gifts. This is particularly true for gift giving reasons other than holidays (Offices that practice gift giving during the holidays often set price limits). As a general rule, individual gifts should rarely exceed thirty-five to forty dollars. If you are interested in purchasing a gift that is more than fifty dollars, consider asking co-workers if they are interested in giving a gift as a group. This will save you money and it can limit any questions about your intentions when giving an personalized totes gift.

Understanding the wild human animal

The Trailhead

One morning last fall around the time of my birthday, I sat down with my coffee and fired up the laptop. Waiting for me there on the screen was the news that since my birth in that same month in 1970, fully 40% of the world’s species have been decimated. There it was, in the space of my lifetime: the next great extinction. Happy Birthday to me.

To be a lover of wildlife these days is to spend a lot of time thinking about extirpation, and what troubles me lately is the degree to which so many of us fail to understand ourselves as wildlife. This is true not only of those indifferent to wildlife, but sometimes also of advocates of wildlife. The failure to understand human beings as wildlife is not just responsible for the destruction of other species — like that attempted with prairie dogs — but also, the creeping 

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Big cats and human complexity

The Trailhead

This weekend I spent time at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center near Brazil, Indiana. Most of the cats at the Center are tigers, due in part to the popularity of tiger ownership as a status symbol, as well as the obsession with breeding white tigers. Such breeding inevitably produces many non-white tigers, which then require sanctuary.

White tiger. White tiger.

There really are very few places that one can get so close to big cats; in the wild it’s unwise, and in zoos there always seem to be greater physical barriers, whether through glass or moats or just sheer distance. The EFRC keeps the cats in wooded, fenced habitats. Some of the cats are quite affectionate, and would come up and rub their faces against the fence when our guide called them, just like ordinary kitties.

010Others, though, behaved very much like one would expect wild tigers and lions to behave. I stood…

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Gift Ideas for a Fashionable Man

Gift Ideas for a Fashionable Man

Perhaps you’ve got a excellent guy pal who’s invariably difficult to buy presents for. You would invariably get them a shirt or tie – but that’s so boring! In case your neighbors are suitable and fashionable, you want a present that that they’re going to real love and recognize. So listed below are some strategies for trend ahead presents for guys.

Gift Ideas for a Fashionable Man

Gift Ideas for a Fashionable Man

First, you have got to decorate. But don’t just provide them the typical socks or ties. There are various trend accessories that make best presents for men. Hats are coming into sort once again, and so why now not verify out some trendy chapeaus? Hats are fairly priceless – they may be able to help look after you from the solar or the cold, they set you aside from different humans and it certainly makes a individual appear taller than they’re. There are various extra styles than simply the baseball or trucker hats. Find a style hat the receiver will like – whether or not it is pageboys, stetsons or fedoras. You’ll certainly in finding some thing that your pal will like.

There are other accessories as well. For illustration, there may be a huge range of men’s scarves available in all varieties of fabrics and colors. They are really trendy, and if you are no longer definite what sort to get, silky scarves in impartial colours are constantly a dependable guess, although if you already know your recipient ample, you can be able to buy whatever in a sort and color they like.

Sun shades are also excellent trend presents for guys. There are many styles and colors, and that you would be able to get some basic aviators, or more modern day, sporty sunglasses might even be exceptional items for guys. Excellent sunglasses can also be high priced, but they may be able to be useful and last a very long time, principally when you’ve got a case and a material to wash it with.

There may be no longer a number of men’s personalized name necklace to be had, but they are able to particularly make any outfit. Cufflinks, rings and bracelets are some examples, and might really jazz up any outfit. If you wish to supply whatever extra uncommon, tie tacks or tie bars can make exact gifts for guys.

How about giving him a manly gift basket full of items he would love. It’s like giving him a bunch of gifts. Who wouldn’t love it. I would and any man I know would.

Of course, might be the ideal accent may be the bag. Today, it can be now not simply the females who can carry round a bag, and male luggage are successful. There are such a large amount of forms of baggage for guys. Might be the most standard one is the backpack, which fairly is fairly versatile for all settings. However, backpacks are not just relegated to sporty routine. Alternatively, at present they are able to be made of a kind of substances, together with delicate high-priced leather-based so they can be taken anywhere from the gymnasium to the place of work.

But among the list above, I suggest to send him gift basket that he will surely love. Trust my word, I give my man couple of them already. He loves it and he loved me more. 🙂