Black Belt World Taekwondo Review

Black Belt World Taekwondo Customer Review

Black Belt World Taekwondo in Somerville, New Jersey offers kids and adults taekwondo lessons. They have few black belt “masters” that handle the lessons.

Taekwondo and martial arts in general are fun for kids. They will love it the first few classes that they attend. But kids are kids. They usually loose their appetite and interest in these type of classes after some time.

Money is a big deal in this school. BEWARE of signing up for long term contracts or any contract or membership that black belt world offers. They really enforce this especially when your kid decided to quit. It would be a nightmare to cancel the contract with them. They will try to get as much dollars as they could before they get you off the hook. Yeah, thousand of dollars in taekwondo cancellation fee. READ CAREFULLY and understand the details before signing up and giving your precious financial information.

If you miss a payment, don’t be surprise if you get a letter from collection agency. They are very strict with this. You want to protect your credit so please pay on time.

The masters are nice in general. Most of the time they wear their happy faces. Communication skill is a bit of a problem. No native English speaker in their studio. Not a problem if you don’t talk much with the masters anyways.

The school space is good. Larger than most martial arts schools in New Jersey. Facility is clean which is a plus.

Verdict: It’s a decent school where your kid can learn basic taekwondo. The contract is a big NO though. Sign up at your own discretion.


School Information:

Address: 70 W Main St, Somerville, NJ 08876
Phone:(908) 393-6191
Hours: Mon- Saturday : 10:30AM–8:30PM




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